Coffee Beans

Trshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. A sound almost like rain came from the kitchen. What was that? I wondered.
As I walked into the kitchen from my room, I noticed my brother frantically picking up coffee beans spilt all over the floor. Our puppy growled at a toy she was playing with a couple of feet away. I realized it might be a good idea to put her outside before she discovered the delicious mess all over the floor. I pushed her outside and suggested using a broom to pick up the coffee beans from the floor. However, my brother was afraid of getting the beans dirtier than they already were. But, after a few minutes of picking them up one-by-one, my brother agreed to sweep them up. We put the coffee beans into a bowl and soon realized how covered in dust and dog hair they were.

My brother was taking photos of the coffee beans and he wanted to continue doing it, so he decided to pick out every hair. I left him to it but just a couple of moments later he asked if I’d do it instead. I agreed and took over the painstakingly tedious project of sorting the bad (the dog hair and dirt) from the good (the coffee beans). As I did, I thought of this being an analogy for how God separates and judges us. The ones that are sin-covered won’t make it to heaven, but God’s children who are covered by His blood will. God cares enough about us to pick each of us up and wash our sins away and He judges us all at the end of our lives to see which of us are clean and which of us are not. But I’m so thankful that He gave us a way to be clean through His Son.

Our God is so good, isn’t He?


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