The following story is from the point of view of a fictional character who is much older than me. But, the topic she talks about I can fully relate to and I hope you can too!

Time. The ticking of the clock echoed in the silent room. Sweat tickled my brow and I wiped it away. Will I have enough time? Only half of my math test was completed and I had less than three minutes left.

Time. People sat groaning and half-sleeping in an office. There was too much time. Couldn’t things speed up a bit? I had two weeks before I could get out of this office and it was killing me.

Time. My heartbeat slowed. My jaw ached from clenching it. These things go by so fast. The after-party was over and the hype was down as people left our wedding, but I wasn’t ready for the party to be over.

Time. It is so sweet. It is so beautiful. This moment couldn’t be at a better pace. I ran my thumb over my precious baby’s cheek and looked into his wide eyes.

Time. I always have changing thoughts about it. I’ve wanted more, I’ve wanted less, sometimes I want it to go by slower, or it’s just right. When time is just right, I know I’m living at the pace God made me to live at. When time goes by too fast, I know I need to calm down. When time doesn’t go by fast enough, I know need to be patient. God has planned these things all for the right moment and in the right length of time.

When I take a walk outside and really concentrate on the things around me, time goes by just at the right speed. When I look into a child’s eyes or embracing my baby, the moment seems to last just the right amount of time. When I watch an animal doing what it was made for, I just want to watch it forever. It made me wonder, how often do I stop to look at the things around me? How often do I take a moment to not worry about time, but just to enjoy the fact that I am right where God wants me. In this moment. This time. This world always feels rushed. “There’s not enough time in the day,” some people say. Or “things fly by when you’re having fun” These things can be true—and having fun isn’t a bad thing—but I always need to take a step back, go outside, and examine the speed that nature runs at. Animals may race around, but some graze peacefully. Some take time to build their nests or collect nuts. They’re doing what they’re made to. And they—just like me—will accomplish all God wants in just the right amount of time. There’s no need for me to worry about my future, what I will eat or drink. The Lord provides it all. He provides for all the animals. How much more would He care for me? 

Enjoy the time you’ve been given. Spend it well on things that truly bring you lasting pleasure. It makes a difference.


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