God’sChild enjoys reading, writing, and living for Christ. She is a young teenager that has a fire to tell others about the God Who saved her from her sins. She loves to do this through her writing, blog, and cohosted podcast.

God’sChild – Christian, Writer, and Blogger.

Hey, I’m God’sChild! As a follower of Christ, I strive to serve God in any way He allows. I live to bring people to God and I want to show people how awesome and merciful my God is. The whole purpose of this blog is to preach the Gospel–the Good News– to you, the reader. To you, the hurt, the broken, the sinner. I pray that you will see the God in me Who created everything you see. And He Who died to save us.

So where else can you find me? Right now I have no forms of social media. As God is growing my platform, I am finding more ways to reach people. Recently, CoCo and I have started a podcast called One in 8 Billion. You can find the page with all of that info here.