Indescribable: The City

This is snippet #2 of my series Indescribable (A story of the New Earth)! Enjoy 😀

My Cover (I used Pixlr to make it)

Disclaimer: I got most of my facts from The Holy Bible. I have added Bible references in the places where I have specific facts. Everything else I completely imagined. To be honest, I’m sure the New Earth is actually going to be way more interesting, awesome and full of God’s majesty than I show here. So enjoy, but do so with an open mind.

Snippet #2: The City

At last, I decided to explore the city first. I knew I had endless days to explore the rest, and I could hardly wait to see people. God’s people. My family. As I walked… I realized something. I wasn’t getting tired. I could run if I wanted to. That is just what I did. As I gained speed down the mountain, the wind blew my short, wavy brown hair out of my face. I could feel my lungs expand and deflate with fresh air.

I ran through the trees, dodging and weaving. Never once did I step on a pointy rock or twig. It was as if I were a graceful deer, never being bothered by my surroundings. Just as the thought entered my mind, out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving. I looked and noticed a doe running alongside me. While we were still racing, she came up right next to me and ducked her head as if offering a ride. I decided to take a jump as we ran. I knew nothing could harm me and I’d probably make it. So I sped up a little, found a gap in the trees and jumped. Confidence filled my bones as I landed on her back and grabbed onto her fur. The doe dashed through the dark green undergrowth and hopped over bushes as if it were nothing. I hung on and held myself close to her back as if it would make it easier for her, even though I knew life was as easy as it could be here. So I relaxed a little and admired the doe’s agility that God had perfectly crafted in her. Her small hooves easily found little places to step in which my feet would be too large to go. The deer’s skinny body allowed her to weave in and out and in between close trees. Her long legs were filled with skill as they reached a span almost double her own body length. This provided us a way to travel very fast. The doe’s large ears flicked around as she listened to her surroundings. Though nothing was out to get her, she acknowledged everything that was out of sight.

As we grew closer to the city I was left speechless again by its size. But it wasn’t only huge, but the walls were made of jasper as I had seen earlier. (Rev. 21:18)

The deer skidded to a stop and I slid off of her back, giving her a thankful pat for the ride. She then trotted off back into the forest as I stood in admiration of the build. The deer had brought me to the far left side of the city. I was by the south wall. Three evenly spaced gates were spread out on the length of the barrier. One was not too far from the left corner.

I walked to it, viewing the clear walls as I went. I could see inside. The people walking around, talking, exchanging laughs. As I arrived at the gate, I noticed it was open but an angel stood by (Rev 21:12, 25). On the gate was carved the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Reuben. (Rev. 21:12-13). And the gate itself was made of one of twelve types of pearls (Rev. 21:21). The angel looked like a normal person and bore no wings. He was dressed in a white robe. He nodded, acknowledging me as I walked into the city. The streets were pure gold and you could see through them perfectly. The buildings in the city were also made of pure gold (Rev. 21:18, 21). Many people bustled about. Each face I recognized even though I had not known everyone in the Old Earth. Which, now that I thought about it, I hadn’t remembered much of anything from the Old Earth (Isaiah 65:17). I knew that I made friends with many people there, and I knew the Old Earth was bad, but I could not remember what was bad about it. However, I was actually thankful for that. The things of that earth were long gone and I didn’t miss a bit of it. Wait. Is that? I saw someone. Someone I knew but had never met before. Noah? (To be continued…)


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