Indescribable: Mountaintops

So the other week I posted something about the New Earth. It inspired me to start a Snippet Series (that’s what they call it on the Young Writers Workshop). So, this is similar to my last post but it has a bit more explanation and Bible references for you guys check the validity of the story! I’m doing my best to make it really interesting. I’ve got some ideas but I’m just kind of going for it to see where God leads me in this little piece of writing.

My Cover (I used Pixlr to make it)

Disclaimer: I got most of my facts from The Holy Bible. I have added Bible references in the places where I have specific truths. Everything else I completely imagined. To be honest, I’m sure the New Earth is actually going to be way more interesting, awesome, and full of God’s majesty than I show here. So enjoy, but do so with an open mind.

Snippet #1:

And in a moment we were there. Where? A whole New Earth. A new place. A new adventure. I stood on a mountaintop. In awe. I never thought I’d actually be here. All fears and evil thoughts seemed to be gone completely (Revelation 21:4). As tears of joy rolled down my face, I examined this new place. In less than a second, I had fallen to my knees. It didn’t hurt to fall, surprisingly. But I wouldn’t have noticed the pain even if it had. This place… It was practically glowing. No. It was. And I could feel the presence of God surrounding me on all sides (Revelation 21:3). The feeling of Him there… was like a warm blanket. Or a father’s embrace. I felt safe. At that moment, nothing else was on my mind but to worship. What God had promised in the book of Revelation… well… it was all true. All of it. As I bowed my face to the ground, I heard the Lord saying,

“Get up, child. Go explore.” 

After a moment of thanking Him… I did. Looking around once more at the view from the mountaintop, rolling hills, great green fields where sheep and wolves lie side-by-side. Leopards and goats did the same. Many species grazed peacefully together. I realized that the carnivores would no longer feed on meat, but on the grass of the field just like the lamb (Isaiah 11:6-7). No fight would break out between them. 

I stared in amazement at the creatures for a while. Who would have thought that this would be possible?

At last, I decided to go explore. I must have been watching the animals for about half an hour… but there really was no way to tell. Time was irrelevant here and didn’t actually exist (2 Peter 3:8). Night didn’t either (Revelation 22:5). I could have probably watched the animals forever if I hadn’t had an urge to explore something else. It pulled me like an invisible rope around my waist. 

I blinked. And looked to the East. Dark green, snow-capped mountains seemed to stretch out endlessly…. And I had all the time–ever–to explore every single one. Then, I looked a bit more to the North. A city bigger and far more beautiful than anything I had ever seen lay before me. 

You know, I had thought it would be… Just a boring city. The New Jerusalem as the Bible put it. I expected it to be made out of brown, boring clay of the Bible days. The huge, bright red jasper (Revelation 21:18) walls spread out far and wide. I hadn’t expected it to be… this majestic. And, I assumed people would be tirelessly working all day. Of course, that went against scripture…. But I couldn’t help seeing this place as boring. I used to think that interesting meant drama, anger, fighting. That’s what kept things interesting on the Old Earth, right? I guess not. The peace of this place I found that I prefered by far over the drama that used to be.

As I gazed out at the city… I noticed every detail was just as John had described in the book of Revelation. Twelve gates, twelve angels. The jasper walls. And there was no temple for a reason I had already found to be true (Revelation 21:11-14, 22). God was all around. Dwelling with us. Us. Wait. I hadn’t seen people yet. Suddenly, I had an urge to see them. Old friends of mine. New friends too. Those who I had never seen before but already knew their names and faces. How could that be? I still did not know. But, the fresh air from the mountains seemed to pull me. I really wanted to climb those majestic mountains. Which way should I go? Mountains or city? People or nature? (to be continued next week…)


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