Indescribable: Noah

This is snippet #3 of my series Indescribable (A story of the New Earth)! I hope you enjoy it 😀

My Cover (I used Pixlr to make it)

Disclaimer: I got most of my facts from The Holy Bible. I have added Bible references in the places where I have specific facts. Everything else I completely imagined. To be honest, I’m sure the New Earth is actually going to be way more interesting, awesome and full of God’s majesty than I show here. So enjoy, but do so with an open mind.

Snippet #3: Noah

“N-Noah!!” I raised my voice and my hands waved above my head. He recognized me instantly and walked over.

“Hello, Addison.” His voice was sweet as honey and deep as the forest. Noah had a long, scraggly, tan beard and he stood at an average height, just a few inches taller than I was. His brown eyes searched mine. 

“Would you like to walk?” He motioned North, farther into the city. My head bobbed.

“Yes, please! I haven’t explored it yet.”

As we walked along, I asked some simple questions about Noah’s day. Something intrigued me about his answers. He didn’t just say “good” and end it there. No. He answered as if the question I asked had been the most important one ever. He gave details about his day and the graciousness of God and how a place like this was so much better than “the days of the earth behind us” When he asked about my day… Well, I had a feeling I couldn’t top that answer. However, I wasn’t feeling discouraged so I did my best to answer. I told him about the mountaintop and the animals. I explained how I could run without getting tired and how the deer I had ridden was so skillfully created by God’s hand.

When I ran out of things to say, I resorted to some of the questions I had always wanted to ask Noah. Actually, I kept a mental list of questions to ask some of the people here.

“So, I was wondering what building the ark was like?” I fidgeted with something heavy and round I found in the pocket of my silky, white and green flowery dress.

“Well,” Noah began. “It was not easy, that’s for sure. Building the ark took many, many years. My sons and I had to work tirelessly. At some points, the four of us would even doubt that God was really going to keep His word” He chuckled at his ignorance of those days.

My bubbly laugh joined him for a moment. 

“It really is crazy how much we doubted Him, huh?”

Noah agreed with a nod.

“But, we were only children of the faith those days. Look at us now! Still growing though, eh?”

I thought about that for a moment. Yeah… I’m still learning and growing here.

Once we passed a little boy–Jeremy–and his pet jaguar who had a chicken on his back as they ran along. Noah and I giggled at the precious sight of the three.

I remembered my next few questions at that moment.

“How did the animals do? What was the flood like when it came? How was the journey?”

“The animals did okay. Many were a little rowdy at times, but our Lord protected them as well and kept them from getting too aggressive with one another. To answer your second question, everything was harsh at first. No one in our family had been on a boat that long before, let alone one that large. Even though our ark was huge, we were tossed about some times, but we could feel the hand of God protecting us from any damage too harsh to live through or repair. It was a blessing to my family and I.”

“Wow. That’s awesome. The hand of God was really in everything, wasn’t it?

“Yes. He protects us greatly.”

I smiled and nodded at my friend. There was silence for a while and then Noah said,

“Well, I best be off. I was going to go back home. You may come if you would like.” He gestured in the direction of his house.

“Thank you, but I’ll have to take you up on the offer later. I would like to speak to a few other friends first.” I replied, thinking of a few specific ones.

Noah nodded and set off. I glanced around at the bustling people. I knew my old friend, Aiyden, was around here somewhere. 

Standing on my toes, I peeked over the heads of many friends. 

“There,” I spotted him. “Aiyden!” (To be continued…)


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