Indescribable: An Old Friend

This is snippet #4 of my series Indescribable (A story of the New Earth)! Enjoy 😀

My Cover (I used Pixlr to make it)

Disclaimer: I got most of my facts from The Holy Bible. I have added Bible references in the places where I have specific facts. Everything else I completely imagined. To be honest, I’m sure the New Earth is actually going to be way more interesting, awesome and full of God’s majesty than I show here. So enjoy, but do so with an open mind.

Snippet #4:

“Aiyden!” I waved to my friend through a crowd of people. I was in the city of New Jerusalem. Pure gold buildings and houses stood all around. However, I was focused on a very familiar, dark-toned face.

“Addison!” Aiyden made his way over to me. Arms opened wide, he embraced me in a tight hug, “Where have you been, friend?” 

“Oh, you know… just running down mountains, riding wild deer, and talking to the ‘famous’ Noah”

“Ah! You’re always up to some crazy adventure, Addy!” He gave me a friendly jab and I grinned, examining him. Aiyden had his usual goofy expressions and dark curly hair to match. Just as I remember. He also wore a long blue robe similar to mine. I hadn’t seen him in a robe before.

“What have you been up to?” I wondered.

“Enjoying God’s glory as well. I’ve also been hanging out with my birth parents”

“Aw! That’s awesome!” In the Old Earth, Aiyden lost his birth parents when he was only five due to an accident. After that, he was adopted into a new family.

“So,” Aiyden folded his arms, “What shenanigans are you getting yourself into next?” His squinted face caused me to chuckle.

“Figured I’d explore the mountains or forests next. We have a whole world to explore and endless time.” I motioned with my arms as I spoke.

“Well, you’ll need a supervisor.” Aiyden wiggled his eyebrows.

I scrunched up my nose, “Fiiine. You can tag along.”

“Yes!” He did a little celebratory arm pump and then hurried after me because I had already begun walking.

“So,” Excitement filled his voice, “what are we going to explore first? Oh! I want to check out the jungle to see some monkeys and kangaroos and…”

“Aiyden, kangaroos don’t live in the jungle” I snorted.

“Of course they don’t. I just mean I’d like to see one.” He shoved me playfully again. Aiyden was the type of person who always liked to show his sarcasm by punching or shoving you. And I enjoyed shoving him back. We’d always done it. 

“But to answer your question, I don’t know. Wherever God leads I guess.” I smiled and looked up into the sunless bright sky (Rev 21:23, Rev 22:5, Isaiah 60:19-21). The brightness of God out-shined the sun and it was absolutely beautiful. 

“So… where’s that?”

“Aiyden!” A smile spread across my face. Once we exited the New Jerusalem I stopped and crossed my arms, “Alright, how about this… You tell me where you want to go.”

“Hmmm…” Aiyden tapped his chin, “How about there?” He pointed. (To be continued…)


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