2022 Review + Other News

Hey, look! I’m back!!! Well, just for this post, I’ll probably leave for an unknown amount of time. I figured that I should probably write a post of review for 2022 and then explain some other things. Like, how this might be my last post ever.

I started off the year by planning on posting every month and making some new goals. I had a really elaborate plan to have one main goal for every month and I really wanted to end some old habits and start some new ones. But in all honesty, I did not do any of that. I think I started off strong the first month or two and then I completely forgot about everything I planned. I did not lower the time I spent on Instagram and YouTube as much as I hoped I could.

But the fact that I did not achieve my super big goals does not mean I didn’t achieve anything or have a great year.

Overall phrase and what I’ve learned in 2022:

My phrase for 2022 was “Like a Lion” and it was focused solely on Who God is and not who I am. Because it is only when we look to God that we find ourselves. We have to lose our lives and find Christ in order to find our lives and live one full of joy and peace. I’ve been learning a lot about how nothing is about me and all the time we make things about ourselves. How to entertain ourselves, how to achieve new things for ourselves, and how to get people to appreciate and love us. How often do we actually take the focus off of ourselves and place it on God and others? JOY begins with Jesus and Others. Yourself is very last. How are we supposed to live a life of joy if we switch things around? Instead, it often spells “YOJ” or “YJO” nonsense words. Words with no meaning and no purpose. I’ve learned little about how God is “like a lion” but I’ve learned a lot about how I need to put Him first in everything and let Him guide my life.


One of my brothers left at the beginning of January to go to Torchbearers for 5 months. That was a big change for all of us and it felt really odd not having him around as much.

In either January or February that I got a new job just 5 minutes away. It seemed great at first and it gave me something to do and a way to earn money.

We also got another dog in January! Crowder is our second mini Aussie and he’s the same age as Lila (the puppy my brother got). He is super sweet and super silly 😀


In either February or March (I don’t remember), I quit the job i got a month before. It was just really confusing and the manager/boss always gave me a different job so I’d go to work not knowing how or what I was going to be doing. And there were a few other things that were just a little rough. So I left and just waited for the Bed & Breakfast to ask for more workers again.


In March, I turned 16! I had a birthday party (which I don’t normally get to have) and it was a lot of fun!


I went to my second Youth Retreat in April and it was just as great as the first retreat I went to! A friend there inspired me to attempt crochet so that’s what I did. I began crocheting little cat stuffed animals and later even made up a pattern to make a dog!


I finished 11th grade in May and my brother returned from Torchbearers. This was a great month to relax before the craziness of Summer.


Cousins visited in the beginning of this month and it was great to see them again. I went on a mini lake cruise with one of my aunts and my (honorary) cousin who is my age! It was soo beautiful and we saw a ton of eagles 😀

At the end of June, my family and aunt went to the Oregon coast and it was sooooo amazing! One day we walked two miles down the beach in bare feet. We did not plan to do that but one of my brothers was determined to make it all the way down. Since we didn’t have any shoes, my aunt (who stayed home) got in the car, brought us shoes, and gave us a ride back to the place we were staying LOL!


This month, I was able to go to our local farmers market more and I sold a whole bunch of the cats and dogs I crocheted!


I began rock climbing a lot more the past summer and went with my friends a lot. They are super good at rock climbing!! I’m okay but I don’t get to go as much as they do since I live farther away from the rec center we climb at.


My mom started her own business. It’s been a very stressful journey but sooo worth it. If you didn’t already know, my mom is a midwife so she does out-of-hospital birth and gives quality, personalized care to her clients. She loves what she does! Starting her own practice has been a lot of work but she’s got an office now and is starting to get into a good routine.


I finished reading the entire Bible in a year! I started it in October of 2021 and finished this year. It felt so good to finish. I have to admit that I wasn’t perfect about reading every day and some days I rushed through it. But I think it still counts and I’m proud to say that I’ve read the entire thing!

I grew a lot in my habits of studying in general and am now in a pretty consistent habit of studying every night. I began leading a prayer group at my youth group and it has been really great for me to learn how to lead and listen to others better.


In November, I started prayer journaling daily. So I basically write down my prayers in a journal. And it’s been amazing. I realized earlier in November that my days just feel so much easier if I pray the night before. Through prayer journalling, it really hit me how God mourns the lost who don’t know Him. And I’ve come to realize just how important it is to spread the Gospel.


This month, I’ve begun to think about the season I’ll be leaving next year. I’m graduating Highschool in May, I’ll begin driving, and I’ll probably start a full-time job. I’m constantly trying to remember to enjoy this time I have right now since I’m not very busy and soon I’ll be going non-stop. I’m going to have a lot more responsibilities next year so I’m trying to prepare for them a lot.

So, there you have it. That’s my 2022 review and what I have learned overall. What about you? How has God changed you and worked in your life this year?

39 Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

Matthew 10:39 NIV



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