Meeting My Penpal (My Face Reveal!)

Hello! So, today we’re doing something a little fun and different. I apologize to my snippet readers! You’re going to have to be on a cliffhanger (no pun intended) for one more week. If you haven’t caught up on my snippet series, go check it out!

I realized that I never explained my disappearance a few weeks ago. Between July 11th-16th I went to a Bible camp (and it was the best)! If you follow CoCo, you know that the week after that, CoCo Ashley (my best friend and penpal) came to visit me! CoCo lives about 2000 miles from me so we hadn’t actually met before. Let me tell you, that week was awesome! 

So today, I’m going to share some of the photos we took when she got here, and y’all will get to see what I look like for the first time! (Plus, I added more photos to the slideshow on my homepage if you want more!)

(Look at the end for Bible photos! :D)


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