Lies and Truths

Today, I’m taking a break from the Indescribable snippets to bring you this! I imagined this conversation happening in my head the other night and couldn’t help but write it down so I could post it! So, here are lies we tell ourselves and what God really says about us (with scripture to back it up)

Us: I hate myself

God: I love you so much (John 15:13)

Us: all I can see is failure 

God: All I see is success (Jeremiah 29:11)

Us: all I see is death

God: There is life behind it all (Job 33:4)

Us: I’m so stupid

God: In Me, you are wise. (James 1:5)

Us: no one cares about me

God: I do (Matthew 6:26, 10:29-31)

Us: I’m all alone

God: I’ve always been here and always will be (Psalm 145:18)

Us: I’m so sinful

God: my grace covers it all and more (1 John 1:9)

Us: I always say the wrong thing 

God: I will guide your words if you ask (Exodus 4:12)

Us: I can’t make it through the day

God: I will give you strength (Isaiah 41:10)

Us: I’m tired

God: In me you can have rest (Psalm 23:2)

Us: this world is chaos

God: I have overcome this world and life will get better (John 16:33)

Us: life is meaningless 

God: I created everything for a purpose (Jeremiah 32:19)

Us: I’m bad at everything 

God: you are so creative because you are made in my image (Genesis 1:26)

Us: every promise is broken

God: have I ever broken a promise I have made? (Genesis 28:16)


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