Indescribable: Farmland

Alright. I know, I’m posting loads of these snippets! I just can’t help it. This idea has been on my mind tons lately and I really enjoy writing about it (even when the writing gets a little sloppy at times). But the snippets are short and readable! I like to think they’re easier to read that way.
Anyways, I’d like to let you know that today’s whole snippet is based off of Isaiah 65:21-22. Enjoy!

My Cover (I used Pixlr to make it)

Disclaimer: I got most of my facts from The Holy Bible. I have added Bible references in the places where I have specific facts. Everything else I completely imagined. To be honest, I’m sure the New Earth is actually going to be way more interesting, awesome and full of God’s majesty than I show here. So enjoy, but do so with an open mind.

Snippet #6:

“Wow” The waterfall in front of me was huge! At the base, it foamed and then ran into a river. 

“Where does it go?” Aiyden wondered.

“I’m not sure. Wanna follow it?”

“Sure! Are you coming, George?” He was talking to the gecko that led us to this waterfall. As if to reply, George the gecko jumped in the water and swam down the river.

I looked into the water, and then dove in. Head first. The river was actually far deeper than I thought. A few colorful fish swam by. I popped back up to the surface. 

“It feels great, come on in!”

At that, Aiyden dove as well. 

I pushed the water behind me, kicking and paddling. We caught up to George within a few minutes. He was diving in and popping back up again. The little gecko is so cute! 

As we swam down the river and out of the forest, I noticed some women picking raspberries and blueberries. We came upon perfectly well-kept farmland and fields full with wheat and grains, carrots and potatoes, grape vines and tomato vines… everywhere! There were lush plants and bright fruits and veggies, ready to be picked.

“Let’s get out here” Aiyden suggested, pointing to a path leading up from the river.

“Okay!” We trudged out of the water and in our dripping wet robes, we walked up to a worker. 

“Hey there, folks” He brushed back his hair, put a basket full of tomatoes on the ground and stood to shake mine and Aiyden’s hands. 

“Aiyden and Addison, welcome” He nodded to each of us.

“Thank you, Mark” Aiyden smiled.

I still found it sort of odd that we knew each other’s names and faces without ever meeting. But, it was kinda cool.

“Would you folks like to join us? Joy might like some help with the carrots.” Mark winked and pointed to the girl a few rows over.

“Sure!!” I agreed.

Aiyden and I walked over to the girl and squatted down.

“Can we help?” I asked.

“Of course!!” A huge smile spread across Joy’s face. The girl had beautiful blonde hair that hung in two braids on her shoulders.

“It’s not hard” Joy said, easily tugging a white carrot out of the ground.

I pulled one and so did Aiyden.

“Wow! This is fun!” I smiled. Aiyden quickly agreed.

“Yes! This is my favorite way to work for the Lord. My whole family loves it too!”

“Do you have any animals?” Aiyden wondered.

“Yeah. The cows and horses are in the barn that way,” She pointed. Joy pulled another carrot and placed it in the basket. “And the sheep are in the pasture.”

“Awesome! Can we ride a horse?” Aiyden’s voice gained that same excitement he always got when he was aching to do something right away.

“Sure. Let’s finish this row first.” Joy got back to pulling the carrots out.

We pulled out a ton more carrots and had to get another basket. It was way more fun to garden here than how I remembered in the Old Earth. Once the three of us were done, we dusted off our robes and raced each other to the barn. (To be continued…)


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