Just… Imagine.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the awesome new earth we’re gonna have when Jesus comes back. And I’ve just been in awe as I let God carry my thoughts and my mind away from the bland world I always assumed it would be and into something totally different….

Just… Imagine. Take a deep breath or two to clear your mind. Let the fresh, moist air of your imagination fill your lungs. Eyes closed. Cool, dew-covered grass appears under your feet. You wiggle your toes as the dew wets your feet a little. You spread your arms out wide as the wind blows seemingly from all directions. You open your eyes a little. Bright light comes from all around. Like daylight but you look around and find no sun in the sky. It’s just bright. 

You’re in a field, mountains all around and a few trees growing from the base of the mountain ahead. You want to run to that mountain and up it. Will you have the energy? That’s not even a question. You take off at high speeds. Faster than you’ve gone before. But not so fast that you skip by the beautiful river flowing down the mountain or the deer and wolf who drink from it side-by-side. You actually stop to watch them. Once predator and prey… now friends. They run off together, the prancing deer jumping over the wolf once and the grey wolf stopping to roll. They get along.

You continue on your run, not the least bit tired. Not a muscle in your body aches. You can hardly believe it. You pass by many trees on your way to the top of the mountain. A natural path leads up. You take it, noticing the yellow and purple flowers on the way. Everything is peaceful. Perfect as God intended it to be. 

You slow as you hit the peak of the huge mountain. A light dusting of snow lies on top but you aren’t cold in any painful way. It’s seemingly normal. You step up onto a cold rock. The pebbles under your feet don’t bother you a bit. Running barefoot is natural. You look out in awe at your home. A city sits to your left by the lake. You can clearly see men and women walking and talking. There goes Moses with an old friend of yours! No argument there as they reminisce and enjoy life. Just as it was meant to be.

And then in the distance you spot a savannah. Lions walk with lambs. You haven’t actually touched a lion before. Excitement bubbles up inside as you race down the mountain–without tripping even once–and into the savannah. You slow as you get closer to the lion and the lamb who follow each other around. The lion spots you and trots over. Its broad build and huge mane would normally frighten you, but you know it won’t cause you any harm. You reach your hand out and the lion nudges your hand with its huge soft nose. You place your hand on its face and it lowers its head in respect. You drag your hand down its neck and once you reach the lion’s back, you pull yourself on. You’ve always wanted to ride a lion. You place your hands on it’s sturdy shoulders and it takes off into the distance. But you don’t worry. You’ll always find your way back and time isn’t a problem here. 

Here, on the new earth, you’ve got no worries. You can explore the wild world God created in all of its majesty. You have all the time in the world and zero worry about what this new world may hold.

Just think, guys. This’ll be our future one day.


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