So, I’m not sure I mentioned my word of the year…. For those of you who listen to the podcast, you know what it is. But I haven’t told the people on my blog.

My word for 2021 is fearless. I chose this word because it came to mind as I sat and prayed about it in December. When I thought of the word, I was afraid to use it. And then I realized… well, the word is fearless sooo I’m not supposed to be afraid.

So now, I have fearless as my word. As I was thinking about it the other night I wondered if I had really been focusing on that word this first quarter of the year. And even though I hadn’t been thinking about it, I still found ways that God has been using this word and how I could be more trusting and fearless.

In the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021, CoCo and I started a podcast. And I had to trust God in that. Sure, I wasn’t really afraid of it, but it was something I needed to just go for. And it’s been going really well so far!!

In February, some things have been happening that put on my mind the thought about growing up. My brothers are graduating Highschool this year and they’ve got their own things and futures being lived out. I won’t go into every detail, but it’s crazy the future that is beginning to unfold for them. One of them has his own car now too!!! This is all new for me! 

I turned 15 this month and though that didn’t seem like a jump for me, it still reminded me that I won’t be young for long. Life goes by in a flash. Memories fade. And one day I’ll hardly remember the day that I’m writing this. I might even forget in a week or so!! That scares me. Time is slipping through my fingers. I must be fearless as I go through these times. And I must stay in the moment. 

I’ll probably be going to my first youth retreat in April. I’ve never been allowed to go to camp and I’ve never done anything like that in youth group. Another thing… my church is doing is letting the whole youth group join the New Members group. Now that scared me. I’m old enough to be a member?? Yep! WHAT? XD And guess what else? Since I’m on the youth group worship team, I’ll also be singing for the New Members group. Not quite the whole church, but it’s definitely a step up! And of course, my horrible singing will be covered up by the other girls on the team but… still… It’s an actual stage and microphone XD That creeps me out. I’m really old enough for that?? Yep!! I remember when I was like seven and thought all the teen girls were so awesome and brave for singing and leading Children’s Church and all that… Now I’m one of them. 

Also, for the Young Writer’s Workshop, I have to write and submit a short story to a blog or magazine or something…. I have written it and my story is up for edits. Then I have to submit it!! AHH! What will they say? Will they reject it? That’s what I expect… but you never know!

I really have to rely on God to be fearless. There are exciting things God has in store for my future. But I have to take it one step at a time. First quarter of 2021 is almost gone. ALREADY!!! Here I come. Fearless with God by my side. Because I cannot do it without Him.

~ God’sChild

(P.S. This is my 100th post!! YAY)

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