For those of you struggling with the…. unsayable… even, unthinkable. Every time you hear it by name or you think it… you cringe. Your heart races as you realize, “I’ve done that. I’ve sinned. I’m addicted. I’ve fallen into temptation. I’ve done the one thing that… no one would expect of me”

Chosen… BELOVED. Don’t you see? Haven’t you heard? Don’t you know? You. Have. Been. Forgiven. Freed. You don’t have to live with that SHAME anymore.
Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. “Come on. I’ve heard that everywhere. That’s not original. That’s not new. You’re just like the others.”
I get that. I understand your thoughts. But no. I’m not like the others. YOU aren’t like the others. You are different. You could never be the same as the others because you are you. Woah. Woah. Woah. No. Stop thinking that you are alone. But wait. Didn’t I just say that you aren’t the same as everyone else and that you are all alone? Nope. That is not what I said. I said that you aren’t the same as everyone else. You are you. You are unique, yet you are not alone. Others see you. They understand. But, you have your story written out in a unique way. Just for you.
How could that be? How can everyone be the same and different? Only by a Divine Creator. We can’t fathom what He can. 

Let’s back this up a bit. I got too far ahead. Let’s go back to that… mistake… addiction… sin. Let’s look at that. The thing that makes your heart toss and turn. The thing that you want to forget. That you want to hide from. You know what it is. You know what you’ve done. You don’t want to admit it but you see it in your heart. It hurts. It’s ache stabs as you remember. The tears threaten to come. They tell you. “You are HORRIBLE. You are a SINNER. No one. No one can love you now.” The tears fall. They don’t plan on stopping. That ache grows into a pain. The pain grows into something that… Doesn’t make sense. You have trouble naming it. What is it? Why do I feel this way? 


Let me tell you. Do you remember that story? The one you have heard just about five thousand times? Well. I’m going to bring you back to that. It’s The Fall. When sin became a daily temptation. When it first became the thing that separates us from God. Wait. No. Let’s go back a little bit farther. 

Close your eyes in a minute when I tell you to…

What I want you to imagine is crickets… chirping. Birds singing. Imagine peeking through a tree or over a bush. What you see is perfect. A clearing, the sun rays shine over the clearing. And a man appears. God walks alongside him. Close your eyes now. Just for a few moments. And imagine yourself there.

Do you see it? Perfect humanity. Perfect. Doing EXACTLY what it was created to do. To dwell in the place that God created. To be in His presence, talking with Him. That’s what we were created to do.
Fast forward to that same garden but on the day it falls apart. Something enters in. It’s name… Temptation…. Evil… The Satan. He tempts the humans into doing something that they weren’t created to do. What is it? Sin. 

So, wait. That’s what the pain is? Sin? Why couldn’t I have just said that? Because, Beloved, I wanted you to see that we weren’t created to do such a thing. It isn’t in our design. Nowhere in God’s blueprint did he write “Sin comes from here” Nope. Of course, He knew that it would happen, but we chose that path for ourselves. WE put it in there, Beloved. God didn’t and don’t you try to blame it on Satan or anyone else. You know that it was our fault that we chose to put sin into ourselves. Into our already perfect lives. We put it in there. And now, we have to be the ones to live with it. Believe me, it’s not easy. But, you already know that. And…. the pain… the sin is still there.

Beloved, it ain’t gonna go away. You aren’t ever going to forget no matter how hard you try. It is going to bug you. It is going to bother you. It won’t stop. That thing will never stop reminding you of what you’ve done wrong. It won’t stop. Nothing else can truly stop it either. 
That hurts. To know that it won’t go away. That you know have to deal with it for…. every year that comes.
Beloved, what are YOU going to do about it? Cry your life away? Silently suffer? Put a mask on and hope that no one notices? Seriously? Is that really what you want? Is that really going to get you anywhere? Let’s look again at why we were created….

To live in the presence of God and to do good works for Him. To worship and praise Him. The chief purpose for which we were made is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

But the itch is still there. And that itch… it nags at you to scratch it. But that doesn’t satisfy this itch. And it only demands more scratches. Like a dog who can’t quite reach it but can’t get enough scratches once you start. And once you start, the itch grows. It only gets worse. Beloved, you have to call on God and you have to have Him come into your life and give it to Him. He will help you to resist. 

Beloved, you cannot do it on your own. You have to partner with God and stand against this sin. The sin that we put into ourselves. But, don’t think “it wasn’t my fault. It was Adam and Eve. They made this happen” Stop. Let me tell you right now, if it hadn’t been them, it would have been you. Face the truth. I would have been me. It would have been all of us. 

But guess what?! God loved us horrible, death-deserving sinners enough to take our place. He came to earth and was tempted like us. But He was able to OVERCOME it. How? Well, He was God but also, He was in direct contact with God all day every day. That’s all it takes. Become like the disciples. Drop everything you own and love. EVERYTHING. Literally it all. And follow Him. If He can give His life for countless, sinful people, then you can give your life to one, singular, perfect God. Is it really that hard?
Yes. It is that hard. But it takes faith. Small as a mustard seed. And you can grow it into the biggest tree anyone has ever seen. Do it in four steps right now.

Stop. Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW.

Drop. Drop it all at His feet. Don’t even keep that one penny. He will still take care of you.

Pray. Ask Him to come into your heart. Ask Him to lead you.

Roll. Go. Go with Him. Act on it. Faith isn’t true unless you put in the hard work. It’s like any normal relationship. Spend time with Him and work things out. He’ll be there to guide and direct you.

The sin won’t go away that fast. It’ll still haunt you. And now that you’ve confessed and asked God to come into your life… it only gets exposed more. You need to tell someone. Anyone. Confess your sins to one another. It’s important. And hey, definitely worth it. “Five seconds of awkward will save a lifetime of regret” -Sadie Robertson Huff. But, you can trust Him to help you through it. You can trust Him to guide you through this sinful place and to help you confess. You can go out in His name and point others to Him too. And one day. One day soon. Jesus will return to take us to a new Heaven and earth. And we will live in perfect, sinless harmony with Him forever. 

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