Priorities. What does that mean? Why do I need priorities? How can I apply it to my life? Like I said in my last blog post, I’ve been struggling with priorities until God searched me and broke me one night (if you haven’t read that post, do so here before continuing). After He did so, I realized that my priorities weren’t fully on Him. I haven’t been spending my life only focusing on God. So, what does “priority” mean and what should my priorities be? Priority means that you spend your life focusing on something or a few different things. These are my priorities,  

  1. Growing in Christ and being in His presence.

2. Having fellowship, growing in relationships, and helping out. 

  3. Schoolwork. 

  4. Writing consistently. 

  These things should take up pretty much 99% of my life. If they aren’t then my focus has changed to something that isn’t getting me anywhere or isn’t being productive. 

  Why do you need priorities? To keep your life organized and straight. Sure, you might be the type of person who would rather live on the edge, always discovering new things; however, you still need priorities. Without them, you would be all over the place and you wouldn’t have God at the center like you should. You will most likely be inconsistent and unproductive. You may also feel like life isn’t normal and things don’t feel…. right. No one wants that. What should your priorities be and how do you apply them? This is mostly your choice. I can’t choose your priorities. 

  If you need help deciding though, I can tell you how I came up with mine. When I first realized that my priorities weren’t straight, it was when I thought I wanted my friend more than God. I thought I couldn’t go without her. Really, I had been grabbing at the wrong things and people for satisfaction. Only God can fully fill us. This brings me to my first and main priority. Growing in my relationship with Christ and striving to learn more about Him. I want God so much because I have realized that I can’t live without Him. The rest of my priorities are based on what can bring me closer to Christ and what keeps me productive. Having fellowship with friends and family and growing those relationships (as well as helping out). We were created (by God) to be in constant fellowship with other people. This means building other up as they build you up. Never breaking each other down. Although, this does not mean that we need other people to be happy. Really, all you need is God. My other two priorities are based on what I do everyday to be productive. Schoolwork is a given. I need to get the work done everyday because it has a say in my future. Writing consistently is a priority that isn’t for everyone. This is something that I and other writers enjoy. I want to make it priority because I hope to use my words to show God and to lead others to Him. Whether it be through blogging or writing novels, my goal is to bring others to Christ through it all. All in all, God is at the core of my priorities. But….. how are you supposed to actually apply these? Can’t you just wait until you’re out of high school, college, have a new job, or are retired? NO! Don’t wait another minute. You need to apply priorities now. How? Follow my 3 easy steps. 

  1. Pray. Ask God what your priorities should be. 

  2. Make a list (mental or physical. Whatever you like) of the things that AREN’T productive. For example (I came up with), YouTube channels (that don’t lead me to Christ), video games, books that waste time (and aren’t Christian). For CoCo and I, we waste time texting when we could be doing something productive or talking about something that helps build each other up. 

  3. Stop doing the non-productive things (let me tell you, this is sooo hard) and start doing the productive things. Weed out the things that don’t lead you anywhere (or that waste time) and help around the house by cleaning, or find something that you love to do (that can be used to praise the name of God) and work hard at it because God will use it. 

  None of this is easy. It is hard to give up the things that aren’t productive. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Instead of a gaming YouTube video, find a Christian one like Sadie Robertson’s YouTube, Emma Mae Jenkins, or The Bible Project. You can listen to Christian podcasts too! I enjoy Woah, That’s Good, Have You Heard?, and The Matthew West Podcast. Just make sure you keep growing and moving (physically too. ;P). I like what Emma Mae Jenkins says, “Never settle” Keep moving. A recent devotional that CoCo and I finished together is called Encountering Our Wild God (by Kim Meeder). It said “Don’t be a lake. Be a River.” Don’t settle like a lake does. Move like a river. Flow out over all of this world and fill it with the Gospel. Don’t stop growing (In other words, don’t stop being productive.). God loves you and He wants to grow in a relationship with you. He wants to know you. Stop today and examine yourself. Ask God to search you and find the brokenness. He will. It’s scary, but you gotta let Him. You will be thankful afterwards.

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