I Surrender

Hello I am God’s Child and so are you!
Today, I’m talking about surrender. Fully giving it to God. I hadn’t fully surrendered everything until last night. God searched me, broke me, and I gave it all to Him.

First, let me say, it isn’t an easy process. You see, God searched the parts of me that I needed to work on. For example, I’ve always focused on worldly things and people. I never believed that all I needed was God… until last night.

I was texting my best friend, CoCo, and believe it or not, I was practically crying that she had to go to bed. Even though, I literally get to text her today and tomorrow and every single day. I was almost in tears. Later, when I was in bed by myself, God broke me. I fell into pieces, tears streaming down my face. All I’ve wanted for the past few months is to actually meet CoCo in person and hug her. We’ve only ever been Penpal’s but we talk every day and we talk about deep stuff.
I was in tears because it wasn’t happening in MY time and I didn’t want to stop talking to my BFF for one second. I cried until I thought, “I’m crying like CoCo is dead. Yet, she isn’t. I’ll talk to her tomorrow. But what if something were to ACTUALLY happen to her?” Thats what broke me. I fell apart as I had to realize that I don’t need CoCo to fill me up. She’s a sinner like me and no imperfect human like us could ever fill us up like our perfect Jesus does.
As I realized this—feeling more empty than I ever have before—I cried out to the Lord out loud saying, “You could take it all away. You could take CoCo, my parents and family, my shelter and clothing, yet I would STILL praise You. You could cause me to go blind and deaf but, as long as there is breath in these lungs, I will praise You. I will praise You because You are the One who gave me breath and life. No human or earthly thing could EVER fill me like You do. Your love fills and lasts. Everything and everyone could leave me behind yet You—You stay, God. ‘You’re the God who stays’. I want to want You because You will never leave me. Therefore, I can trust You to hold EVERYTHING about my life because You created me and You gave me life and You provided CoCo and my family and everything else that I have. Take it all, God. All I need is You.”

That is what surrender is. Giving it all up. I’ve heard it said that surrender is a daily thing, but I’ve always wondered why. I know now. It is because we are human. We never stop sinning no matter what. Every day we are going to cling to those earthly things because we forget that all we really need is God. We cling to those things like they are what give us life. They aren’t. Look to the One who actually did and give up all of your earthly things to Him. Do it every day. We sin everyday so we have to give it up everyday. No less. Not every week, not every month, not every year…. every DAY.
If we don’t give it all to God, it’s like we are hiding the most important parts of His beautiful picture. We want the pretty parts but we don’t realize that when they are in His hands, they only get more amazing. He can build you back up every day. He can make you beautiful again. You just have to surrender. Sometimes He has to break you before you realize how important this is.

Never have I felt so full in my life.

2 thoughts on “I Surrender

  1. YESSS. Surrender is so hard, and it can be painful, but joy is always the result of a life given over completely to God!! I can’t fill you, and you can’t fill me. But God can fill us both to overflowing and then some. I pray for you every day sister 🤗❤️

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