Life is Crazy

Life… has been full. Busy. Timeless. Worrying. Scary. Uncertain. Troublesome. The list goes on. Our world is evil and broken. It is sad and we can easily get caught up in it. 

  Multiple things made me realize this. First, the news and politics. These things draw us away from Christ and focus our thoughts on evil, sinful, broken things. Of course, we need to hear about these things sometimes because it would be bad to believe the world is perfect. However, it messes with us and is an easy way for the devil to work his way into our lives. 

  I’ve been seeing things through fresh eyes lately. Like I was walking through a haunted house, blindfolded and didn’t know until the blindfold was taken off. I hate how broken our world is. I realized this when I was chatting with my Penpal yesterday.

  We were talking about politics a little and how nice it would be to live in a “bubble” but how bad it would be to do so as well. We can’t avoid our sin when it is right there in front of our faces. 

  The night before last, my other friend was talking about her books. The idea of the books also made me see the bad in this world and how closed in, lonely, evil, and rough it is to live in this place.

  Lastly, I was feeling off. Just not right. I still feel like it some days. Like something isn’t how it shouldn’t be. I think it was God trying to get my attention. He did something to grab it farther, though. We ran into a deer on our way home one day. Everyone was safe but the car (and probably the deer). Instantly, it made me remember that God is still in control. And since He is in control in this messed up life, we needn’t worry.

  He loves us so much. He is in control of everything and it all works together for good to those who love Him. Our God deserves praise and worship for this. We need to pull our eyes off of the evil in this world and re-direct our sights to the Holy God who created it. We should be able to fight back the evil thoughts and actions of ourselves and others with the Holy power of our King. He is the only one that can help us through these years of struggle. No worldly thing can ever save you from its own brokenness. 

  This leads me to my action.

  Last night as I began to go through my notifications on YDubs(the Young Writers Workshop), I felt a strong pull from the Lord to get alone with Him. I haven’t been playing it completely real with everyone and I need to re-center my thoughts to be God’s. I keep getting lost in everything I “must” do. Really, I MUST spend personal time with God. Sure, I spend time with Him every morning and evening. But, I need a full day to sit in His presence (as we should do every day) and be still. I need to back away from my worries and to-do lists and just be still. Join me this Friday (the 16th) as I simply sit in the presence of God to re-center my thoughts. To calm my mind. To rest in His love and grace. To worship Him in everything we do.

  If you have school that day, don’t fret. You can bring Christ with you. Bring Him into every part. Worship Him in all you do that day. Spend as much time as possible in His word. I might even shut off all electronics so I can focus on Him and what He has to say. 

  I hope you do the same because this world we live in is sinful and we need to make sure that we put Christ above all the craziness and confusion. 

Prayer: Lord, I ask that you would guide us today to hear what You need us to hear. We know that this world is broken and we cannot wait for your coming and for the day when you renew it. God, you are powerful beyond comprehension and You see the big picture when we only see a sliver. We need You more than anything. We are imperfect sinners in an imperfect world in need of a perfect Creator and King. I thank you for the breath of life that you give us and I pray that we would use each breath to praise You. In Jesus’ awesome name, amen.

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