Why I Write

I’ve recently decided that I want to be a Writer. It has always been a passion of mine(hence the blog) but I never really realized that it is possible. It is not impossible whatsoever. If I want to be a writer, I can! 

I found this out by joining The Young Writer’s Workshop(YWW/YDubs). I am on the academic track and just started it this past week. It has already had a huge impact on me. I have decided that I really do want to write. 

One of the lessons that I did a few days ago wanted me to answer the question, why do you write and what motivates you to write? I have answered wholeheartedly and have become more determined to live it out more than I already am.

So, Why Do I Write?(And who/what do I write for?)

I write for Christ. I write to have an impact on the lives of people around me. I write to show them Christ. I don’t write to be popular or different. I don’t even write for myself. I write to point people to God. I want to please God in everything that I do. If He gave me the gift of writing, I am going to write for Him because I want Him to be pleased. That way, if no one likes my writing, I can be sure that God does. And that’s all that matters. I only need God to be pleased with me. If no one ever sees my writing besides a few friends and family members, at least God does and at least He loves me because of it. 

  I want to write for God. I want to write to point others to Him. I want to take the spotlight off of myself and put it on God. Because, God made me, God loves me, and Jesus died for me to be free. He paid the price that I should’ve paid, and He gave me a new life. I want to tell others that and show it in my everyday life. God reigns above all else and my purpose is to serve Him with every breath I have because He gave me breath and I need Him more than oxygen.

  I am motivated by my passion to serve God in any way He wants. When I forget that I write for only Him, I lose my motivation to write. In previous posts, I had to wait for God to show me what He wanted me to write. When He did, I wrote it for Him. Not because of what you, the reader, thinks. I wrote what He wanted me to write and I want every sentence to be written for Him and I want every sentence to be written the way He wants because I live to please and worship Him.

What does this have to do with you? Sure, this was a great post about writing for God, but what if you don’t like to write? Why would you care about writing for God?

You don’t have to care about writing for God. You have to care about using your gift for God. You need to be motivated, to do what you enjoy doing, for Christ. Everyone has a gift. They may not know what it is right away but when you figure out what you want to do and what you really enjoy doing, do it for God. Don’t do it for any other reason than for God.

I pray that you will make your purpose to please Him in everything. Have a wonderful week!!

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