Why Put God First?

Why put God first?
Because, by putting God first, we will do all things for and through Him. We will love for Him, we will live to please Him, we will learn for Him. By putting Him first, we don’t do things for ourselves. 

Think of it this way, if nothing is possible without God, then how could we come first? Since God was here before man, before time, He was able to create all of that. If people were there…. well, actually people couldn’t be there because God was the one to create us. Life isn’t possible without God first. So why would it make sense to change that now? Our life doesn’t have a purpose without God. Of course, even people who don’t believe in God have a purpose for their life but, not if God didn’t exist. But having God in your life makes your life more worth it. He makes our life worth the wait for things. He guides our life and gives us hope and a future.

In conclusion, God loves us very much but without Him we wouldn’t be here so we should put Him first.

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