God uses everyone

Every morning, I’ve been reading a chapter of the Bible. About a week ago, I was talking to my Penpal and realized something about the passage I was reading that day. At that time, I was in the end of Genesis(by now I’m in Exodus). 

I realized that God didn’t always use the oldest, or best people to do his work. For example, Esau and Jacob. Esau was older but Jacob ticked his father to give him the blessing instead of Esau and God also blessed Jacob(also named Israel) and made him into a great nation.

Now, Jacob had 12 sons, the youngest, Joseph.

Joseph is hated by his brothers because he is most loved by his father. God blesses Joseph. Long story short, Joseph becomes second-in-command in Egypt and his brothers bow down to him as Joseph’s dreams prophesied.

Now, I am in Exodus 5. At this point, God sent Moses to release the people of Israel from the hand of Pharaoh. But Moses argued, that he had a speaking disability and wasn’t good at it. God sent Aaron with him in the end but my point is,

God doesn’t just use the greatest of us all, He uses everyone. He uses the young like Joseph and Jacob. He uses the disabled like Moses. And He uses many others. God can use you for anything. All you have to do is call on Him and say “Here I am, send me!” And do what God asks with your whole heart. If He can use me, introverted and the youngest in my family, then He can also use You! 

As my church says, go and be His hands and feet today!

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