Meditation Week 2, Day 1

Week 2, here I come! 

I’m meditating on Romans 11:33 today. It says, “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!”.

Once again, I’m going to break this into pieces. 

“Oh the depth of”. This means that something is deep, never ending(in this passage I would say “never ending” cause that’s what God is). Huge!

“The riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!”. God is not poor. God is rich. He is rich with wisdom! He is wise and knows what He is doing. God always has a plan. And He knows everything! Nothing goes by without His notice.

“How unsearchable are His judgements”. We cannot know everything about God in this broken world. We cannot search all of the depths. We cannot know what He knows. When it seems like God is judging us, we don’t know why! We can’t figure out how He judges us. His judgements are unsearchable!

“How inscrutable are His ways!”. I don’t even know what inscrutable means! It means not scrutable but what does that mean? I looked it up an “scrutable” means to understand something (The word “inscrutable” was not scrutable for me! I didn’t know what it meant! 😂). So, inscrutable means that we are unable to understand why He does what He does! We don’t know why He let this coronavirus thing happen! But He has a plan! We might never know why this is happening to the world. Or, we might start to understand after this is over. No one knows!

Basically, what this verse is saying is that God knows so much. He is so wise. We cannot fathom how wise He is or how strong. We cannot know why He does what He does or how and why He judges us. God is so infinite that no human can even fathom His powerful glory.

This is a lot to think about! I won’t write tomorrow because I will be trying to fathom how unfathomable God is 😉.

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