I’ve been thinking a lot about jobs I might want to do when I’m older. I’m a freshman in high school so my teachers are really trying to help me make a goal and plan. I always thought I wanted to save dolphins and other sea creatures when I was little. Then, I wanted to train horses and lately, I’ve been enjoying writing all kinds of things! I definitely think God has a plan for me in the writing business but even more than that, I recently discovered I enjoy studying people. I like to figure out how to fix scenarios and even though I’m completely introverted, I LOVE to listen to people and discuss things that can be spiritual or physical and mental. For example,(even though I’m a little tired of hearing about it…) the coronavirus. I like to talk about how it’s effecting people and why people are freaking out(mental), what they are doing about it and their actions(physical), and how God has this under control and nothing has ever been out of his power(spiritual).

I’m sorta writing an experimental book about a large family. I like writing it because I go through each child’s point of view and I’m learning how different ages think and understand things. Currently I’ve written about 15, 12, and 4 year olds. And I’m on a chapter now about an 18 year old. It is very challenging but it’s opening my mind to different perspectives. I’m also working on different genders. I, obviously, find it hard to write about males because I know how the sensitive, girly mind thinks but I don’t at all understand how the risk taking, manly mind thinks(😂).

Next, I’m going to experiment with the 5 senses. This will help me understand what catches someone’s senses first depending on the situation. For example, if your in the thick woods in the middle of the night the first thing you will probably notice is the sounds. But, if you are in a quiet park midday, you will most likely focus on sight. If you are at the dinner table and it is beginning to grow dark, you are gonna focus on what you are eating. Similar scenarios go for touch and smell. The main sense however, is sight.

How would this tie in to writing? Well, I’d like to write a full book on humans and how they react to things. I’d also like to be a counselor for my church one day. I would probably council people, on family living and personal/spiritual stuff as well. I think it would be good to have a Christian view on the way we should react to things like how I wrote about the coronavirus a few days ago and how we need to trust God with that. 

I’m still not sure if this is what I want to pursue but if it’s in Gods will, I will send it and go all in!

Leave with these thoughts….

What does God want for my life?

“What’s Gods life for my will?”(said by Mike Donehey)

Is it better to go all in for Gods set/prepared plan even if I don’t know what will happen or, is it better to go all in to my own plan where everything could fall apart?

P.S…… Hurray for 50th post!

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