Oh My, it’s Been Awhile

It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? 5 weeks and 4 days(I’ll do the math. 39 days)to be exact. Summer has been a little busy here and there… I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing. I live on my grandmas farm(with my whole family in a separate house than my grandmas) and it’s a 2 minute walk up there. Anyway, every morning I’ve been going to my grandmas to pick veggies and cut them and weed, and a bunch of other things. Then, I come home and eat lunch. Lastly, I sit around and do nothing but listen to Christian music(very relaxing) until someone comes home(everyone in my family has a job but me). That’s what I do for 4 days of the week. On Fridays I go to the Farmers Market(my grandma has a stand) and sell things. I love Fridays. On Saturday I normally sit around the whole day or go grocery shopping with my parents. On Sunday I go to church (obviously) and then sit around when we get home. So about %75 of my week is sitting around 😆. We did go camping one week though…. so I could’ve posted but I honestly just didn’t feel like it until tonight. Well, I have to go to bed now that I’ve noticed that it’s really late. I’ll try to post tomorrow evening. Thanks for hanging on for 5 weeks and 4 days😊

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