Story 1

This is one of the first stories I wrote! I think I wrote it in 2014.

Riding Wild and Free Days on the Farm

By GodsChild

Chapter 1

Once upon a time… There was a little girl named Violet. She is only 10 years old and in three days it is going to be her birthday! She lives on a beautiful farm. The farm has horses, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, cats, and dogs. Her family owns 100 acres! Most of the land is fields of nothing! Violet lives on only 10 acres but do she can have an adventure whenever she wants. Right now Violet is brushing one of her grandma’s horses named Pepper. She is an Arabian breed. “For my birthday I want a saddlebred with a blaze down it’s face so I can name it Blaze!”. Violet said, and she started walking with Pepper back to the barn.

Chapter 2

As soon as she got back to the barn Violet said to pepper “here’s a carrot for being such a good girl. I have to go inside for dinner now, bye!”. As Violet started running towards the house she heard someone. “I don’t have a clue what to get her!” Said grandma “she wants a horse themed party but that’s all I know.” Said mom “maybe she would like a…” that’s all Violet wanted to hear. The least she wanted to do is ruin the surprise, so she covered her ears and ran back to the barn.

Chapter 3

About five minutes later when Violet finished feeding the animals she remembered it’s time for dinner! She rushed up to the house to eat dinner. When she to the house her mom asked “where were are you honey, we prayed and already started eating” “oh, sorry I was feeding the animals.” “That’s okay, just wash up and we will talk about that party of yours!” Said dad “okay!” She replied. After Violet washed her hands and got dinner she sat down to talk about the party. “Okay, let’s talk!” Said Violet. “Alright, so I think you should pick three friends…”Said mom “ok, Hazel of course, Mary and Hannah.” Interrupted Violet “Wow, that was fast!” Said dad “and the cake?” Asked mom “ I gave it some thought and I want vanilla and chocolate cupcakes in the shape of a horse.” “Okay, I think that’s it” mom said “now, head up to bed!” Said dad.

Chapter 4

The next day was like any other day… School, riding lessons and farm work. On the day of Violet’s birthday she woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. “Yum!” Violet said happily as she went downstairs. Then she saw her mom making the fluffiest pancakes ever! Violet sat down and saw that the shape of her pancake was a horse! “It’s a horse! Thanks mom!” When Violet finished eating she asked “where is grandma, dad and grandpa, grandpa never works on Saturday.” “ oh, they are… Getting a special birthday present.” Answered mom. “Ok!”

Chapter 5

“Hi, Hazel, Mary and Hannah. How are you?” “Good!” They all answered. “Happy Birthday!” They all said handing presents to Violet “Thank you!” “You can open them now if you want!” Said mom, busy in the kitchen. “Ok, thanks!” The four girls went into the living room. “Ok, open them!” Said Hazel. Violet opened Mary’s present it was a currycomb! “Do mine next!” Said Hannah handing her small box to Violet. It was a horse necklace! Then Violet opened Hazel’s gigantic, and very heavy box. “It’s a brand new saddle”. Said Violet excitedly “my parents helped a little but I saved up a lot for it.” Said Hazel “I love it all thanks guys!” She said as they group hugged.

Chapter 6

The girls were playing some water games when grandma, grandpa and dad drove in the driveway. Hitched on the back of the truck was a horse trailer. “I wonder what they got you.” Said Mary. Violet’s grandparents and father got out of the truck and brought a beautiful saddlebred out of the trailer. Violet squealed like a pig, and jumped up and down. Violet ended up naming him Blaze and they lived happily. The End

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